Friday, September 24, 2010


gah. i've re-designed my blog header... um, again. the last one just looked too busy and cluttered and seemed to detract from the blog content, which is what blogs are really all about, right? i only had it up for a few days, but just wasn't feeling it ::

i did get a lot of compliments on the macaron header, which was up for quite awhile ::

so i took another stab at the blog header :: yes? better? not better? too pink? i have a feeling i'm going to be at this for awhile. i may just bring back the macarons but i'd like to experiment a bit first. feedback is more than appreciated. :) thanks!


  1. i really like your current darling savage header with the balloons, super cute and light and fun:)

    the macaroon header is pretty awesome though too, but change is good! even in small doses.