Thursday, September 23, 2010

i have a confession to make :: i don't really wear jewelry. i have some jewelry, but only a handful of pieces that i wear on special occasions, such as social events & such. every so often, i come across a piece that i must have. then, and only then, do i let myself make a jewelry purchase.

this is a piece that i bought last week and i love it!! this is the "seeds jewelry : short necklace" made by amazon art on etsy.

not only is it gorgeous and colorful, it's made entirely from natural products of the amazon forests of brazil. my necklace is crafted from color-stained acai seeds & tucum ligature, which are {respectively} turned into beads and string by indigenous people of the area. amazon art uses fair trade principles to purchase it's supplies, which makes me feel great about owning this piece.
visit amazon art on etsy and discover some wonderful, natural wearable art! ships from uk.

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  1. Gorgeous necklace!

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