Thursday, January 14, 2010

happy things :: global giving

this is one of my favorite photos. ever.

it was not taken by me :: unfortunately, i don't know who to give photo credit to. this picture was taken in Liberia, Africa while my father was on a year-long United Nations peace-keeping mission a few years ago. one of his friends took the picture and i think it's just the sweetest thing ever. it reminds me that happiness + silliness can exist all over the world :: regardless of a country's political views and economic condition.
i am especially reminded of this during times of disaster :: i was able to send a meager $10 to the Red Cross Haiti Relief fund today, and i only wish it could be more. i do hope that it helps give a little bit of happiness to someone in need.
click here to be directed to the Red Cross donation site.
{photo by an awesome UN worker}

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