Monday, January 18, 2010

blog love :: arch + craft

how exciting! my good friend jenny is the proud owner of this adorable little house! she and her boyfriend have started a blog to share all of their re-modeling adventures :: it's called arch + craft. it's so fun to watch as they make progress updating the interiors...

i love the archways. this house was built in 1903! so charming.

looks like a lot of work.

this is jenny painting some trim in the winter cold! she's so cute...

visit their blog :: arch + craft
and of course, jenny's design blog :: gracious leigh


  1. Would you look at that refinished floor?! Loove the stripey boards.

  2. oh my goodness, so much work but SO worth it! i can't imagine undertaking a project that big---my painting hand gets tired just thinking about it. but congrats to the new homeowners!

  3. aw, thanks girlie! You need to come over pronto! What are you doing next week? Come over for dinner!