Sunday, October 30, 2011

simple + stunning :: lauren handler designs

for my mother's 60th birthday, my siblings and i wanted to get her something special. we decided on some opal jewelry and i volunteered to search etsy for something that she might like. that's where i found lauren handler designs ::

lauren's pieces are the kind of jewelry that anyone can wear. paired with a delicate gold or silver chain or wire, each of her designs embrace the raw beauty of each stone, whether clustered together or standing simply alone.

i quite like this piece :: black & gold, how dramatic!

how sweet is that pink jade?

turquoise is a classic.

this is the piece we purchased :: peruvian opal, isn't it lovely? lauren even lengthened the chain at my request- no charge! i was very happy with my purchase and, needless to say, mom loved it too.
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